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2014 Submissions

StarFox64 Grand Finale Video Game Song

2007 Submissions

Ocarina Classical Song
Ocarina Spell Miscellaneous Song
What is Christmas anyway? Drum N Bass Song
Intro to Dread Drum N Bass Song
"Mystical Ninjas" - Edo Castle Video Game Song
Goemon's Great Adventure Video Game Song
Oboe Breeze Classical Song
Biker Kirby Video Game Song
"Will Race for Food" 2 Video Game Song
Kirby: "Will Race for Food" Video Game Song
Sonic Adventure: Metal Harbor Video Game Song
+"Where is Clair?"+ Rythim Man Classical Song
Flute Fall Classical Song
+"The Rythim Man"+ Jazz Song
~Faith~ Classical Song
R_M Kirby: Let's Go!! T_B Video Game Loop
"Act 1" Video Game Song
Never Never (Allegro) Miscellaneous Song
Kirby's Metaknight Monstrosity Video Game Song
Kirby's Metaknight (Part 2) Video Game Song
Kirby's Metaknight (Part 1) Video Game Song
Magic Math Tricks Drum N Bass Song
Annoying Game Show Music Video Game Song
=/ ?Off Balance? =\ Video Game Loop
Lost in the Audio Portal Ambient Song
Love Can Be Strange (Instru) Dance Song
/-*-Spring Break-*-\ Classical Song
Rythim Man's Newgrounds Loop 4 Classic Rock Song
Living Life's the Key (Instru) General Rock Song
Rythim_Man's Haunted Trance Song
Green Green Pianos (Eletric) Video Game Song
Green Green Pianos Video Game Song
Match With Super Donkey Kong Video Game Song
Majora's Mask:Clock Town Dance Video Game Song
-*-Royal Wedding At Six-*- Classical Song
Having Not A Frown March Classical Song
[NG BBG 2] Tranquility Classical Loop
NG BBG 2 Miscellaneous Song
Kirby Boss Battle Video Game Loop
NG BBG 1 Miscellaneous Loop
Rythim Man's Newgrounds Loop 3 Blues Song
+"Detective Rythim Man"+ Jazz Song
Tangent 2006 Classic Rock Song
Match WIth King Dee Dee (2006) Video Game Song
Pitiless General Rock Song
Rockin' Gerudo's Valley Video Game Song
The Walk Home From School Ambient Song
Rythim's New Grounds Loop 2 Drum N Bass Song
Luigi's [New] Mansion Video Game Song
Donkey Kong Country (Jr. Rmix) Video Game Song
Never Never Drum N Bass Song
Erie Celebration General Rock Song
Kirby Boss Video Game Loop
Rythim Man New Ground's Loop 1 Dance Song
Kirby's Dynablade! Video Game Song
Fountain of Nightmares Video Game Song
Greens Greens Video Game Loop
Having Not A Frown Classical Song
Pick-A-Boo Having Not A Frown Pop Song
Happy Birthday Adalie Jazz Loop
Match With King Dee Dee Remix Miscellaneous Song

2005 Submissions

Tangent General Rock Song